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Michael Dunn

Michael Dunn

Ask Michael Dunn what motivates him and the likely answer is: winning. Ask him what he loves doing most and he'll probably say: giving advice. What does he value: reputation. What concerns Michael: taking care of people.
When is he satisfied: never! Ask what makes him passionate, and his answer may surprise you: discovering the soul of a home. What sets Michael Dunn apart in his industry: experience.

Michael Dunn is a husband, father, mentor, teacher, competitor and the principal of one of Sydney's most successful real estate companies. He is a real estate agent by definition, not recognition, because as his clients often remark "Michael, there's such a difference between the way you do things compared to other agents".

"What is important to me", says Michael, "is doing the right thing by people. Certainly the number of sales or records we achieve remind us we are successful, but they don't even come close to what really matters to me and that is my reputation and that of my team".

Michael Dunn has been in the business of property since 1977 and took over the helm of his Double Bay agency in 1983. These statistics alone set him above his peers and his track record and that of Richardson and Wrench Double Bay is unequalled.
+ 2018 - National - 9th Place - Most Outstanding Selling Principal (Income Earned)
+ 2017 - National - 4th Place - Most Outstanding Selling Principal (Income)
+ 2016 - National - 2nd Place - Most Outstanding Selling Principal (Income)
+ 2015 - National - 3rd Place - Most Outstanding Selling Principal (Income)
+ 2015 - National - Finalist - Best Auction Property Promotion
+ 2014 - National - 2nd Place - Top Selling Principal (Income)
Languages Spoken
+ English
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